classically trained rebel.




Claire Christine Sargenti is an interdisciplinary artist known as the “Classically Trained Rebel” for her bold works that break boundaries and cross genre lines.  She received her training from the Joffrey Ballet in NYC, and performed professionally with the Royal Ballet of London, the Beijing Opera Ballet, and New Bridges Ballet where she also served as Founder and Artistic Director.   During her time with New Bridges Ballet, Sargenti embodied the character The Metal Ballerina while dancing contemporary ballet alongside New York City’s best performance artists, burlesque dancers, and musicians.  Her roots in ballet continue to serve as a glittering inspiration for all of her creative endeavors today.  Sargenti is currently working as the playwright and actor of her 12 character solo show Interludes: A New (Orleans) Play featuring the music of Darrell Smith and the 8 piece Interludes Jazz Orchestra.  Interludes has been performed across America, and is the winner of the highly coveted “Spirit of the Fringe Award” from the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival.  She is also a designer and activist for her own product line True Nature Child which aims to empower women around the world.  For fun, Sargenti likes to model, photograph, and write for her blog Self Portrait Of A Solo Artist.